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5-Axis Machining

The Ultimate in 5-Axis Machine Tool Solution


ESPRIT meets any industry’s 5-axis machine tool requirements with increased efficiency and optimal finished part quality. With virtual realistic simulation of the complete machine tool environment and an easy-to-program interface, ESPRIT utilizes the full potential of your 5-axis machine tool!


Ultimate 5-Axis Machining

With ESPRIT you can take full advantage of the benefits of 5-axis machining. ESPRIT provides the most powerful composite milling cycle, an exclusive channel roughing cycle, a high speed spiral finishing cycle, a 4-axis roughing cycle and a high performance barrel tool cycle for 5-axis finishing and semi-finishing. ESPRIT also offers special application strategies for machining blisks, impellers and turbines so it meets any industry's 5-axis machining requirements.

Machine Complex Parts

With a single setup and benefit from the superior surface quality, part accuracy, and material removal rates provided by multi-axis machine tools. 5-axis machining adds two axes of rotary motion to the three standard axes of linear motion on a traditional machining center. The increased range of motion often allows the machining of complex 3D parts in a single setup. Important concepts in 5-axis milling include controlling the motion of the cutting tool and the tool axis, controlling cutting and non-cutting moves, and collision detection.

  • Easy 5-Axis programming for any machine

  • World-class finished part quality

  • Machining for any industry

  • Compatibility with all 5-axis machine tools

  • Superb machining precision

  • Accurate, comprehensive part simulation in a virtual machine environment

  • Smooth CNC machine kinematics

  • Factory-certified post processors for optimal CNC code

  • Multiple solutions for 5-axis and special applications


Racecar-part Maker Metalore Crosses the Finish Line with ESPRIT CAM

“You can do pretty much anything you want to do with the ESPRIT post processors. The idea is to make the part that comes out look like what the guy wants to see — and that’s what happens.” - Bob Lewis, Metalore, United States

Complex Machinery and ESPRIT CAM

“After a clean virtual run, we use the detailed tooling reports that ESPRIT generates to help the machinists get the setup just right, and the net result is first-run parts with no crashes every time. That’s money in the bank.” - Max McAllister, Owner, Traxxion Dynamics, United States




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What's New

Designed to simplify the additive manufacturing process from 3D CAD model to printed part, the ESPRIT Additive Suite will feature programming, optimization and simulation for direct metal deposition, 3D powder bed, and subtractive manufacturing.



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