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Multi-Tasking Efficiency


Sophisticated Multi-Tasking machines allow manufacturers to perform simultaneous milling and turning operations, on the front and back of a part, in a single setup. Mill-turn machines represent an enormous potential for profitability. The right CAM system is a key factor for success in the mill-turn equation. It's a critical choice that determines the ultimate productivity of your machine investment.

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Pre-packaged Software Solution 
ESPRIT delivers a fresh, out-of-the-box approach to solving the issues that arise with programming complex multitasking machines, such as the writing of the machine-specific post processors and machine definition. Imagine programming your multitasking machine with a complete, pre-configured solution— developed in cooperation with the machine tool builders and tested extensively at the factory level. ESPRIT's mill-turn prowess is the ultimate result of a collaboration with machine builders and DP's focused software development for this specific class of machine tools. Trust ESPRIT to unlock the potential of your multitasking machine.


Comprehensive Multitasking Machining 
ESPRIT provides an integrated programming environment specifically designed for multitasking, multi-function CNC machine tools. ESPRIT supports any combination of independent, synchronized, and synchronous milling and turning utilizing any configuration of A, B, C, X, Y, and Z axes. ESPRIT's five levels of functionality for 2–5 axis machining fully support your mill-turn needs, including milling with full, simultaneous 3-axis and 5-axis 3D multi-surface solid machining.

Flexible B-axis Programming 
Capitalize on the power and flexibility of mill-turn machines with B-axis capability for precise 5-axis simultaneous and 5-axis index milling — on the front and back of any workpiece. ESPRIT's full 5-axis control lets you easily program the non-perpendicular multi-axis tool movements required to machine the intricate features and compound angles of medical components, complex valves, tool holders, oil drilling tools, and the like. ESPRIT provides advanced 5-axis control for its machining cycles including facing, boring, grooving, threading, contouring, pocketing, hole making, and 3D finishing.


Turning, Milling, and Drilling Functionality 
Unleash the multitasking functionality of your machine with ESPRIT's C and Y mill-turn capability, combining turning, milling, and drilling machining operations in one G-code program. ESPRIT features five levels of C and Y-axis machining functionality providing support for a full range of multitasking machine tools. Choose from milling contour and profile cutting, pocketing, or a variety of drilling machining cycles. Perform 2 1/2-axis milling operations on your lathe using Z, X, and C, or Z, X, and Y axes. Slotting and cross drilling is easy when you can "wrap" pockets, holes and profiles around a rotary C-axis movement. For off-center, Y-axis milling, ESPRIT gives you an extensive set of milling cycles including facing, pocketing, contouring, rest machining, hole making and more. Use these cycles on the C, Y, and B axes to machine features at compound angles on the part face, ID, or OD.

Full Synchronization and Verification 
Optimize, synchronize, and verify your multitasking machining with ESPRIT's fully integrated solid simulation. ESPRIT readily simulates any combination of mill-turn (2-5 axis) and turning cutting cycles, multiple spindles, multiple turrets — up to 22-axes — in one display. View a combined listing of all your milling and turning operations and their associated cycle times. You will have a realistic verification of how the part is machined eliminating any potential machine crashes along with the ability to move, copy, edit, and synchronize your operations to minimize your cycle times.



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