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Swiss-Turn Machining

Multi-Tasking Turning

ESPRIT for Swiss is incredibly quick to program.Quickly gain confidence programming your Swiss-style machine tools with ESPRIT.


Program Quickly
Generate accurate NC programs quickly from 2D prints for solid models. ESPRIT is faster than programming by hand, more accurate, and will allow your company to grow into programming more complex jobs. With the increased efficiency you can also accept smaller runs for these machines. ESPRIT for Swiss delivers production quality G-code programs for Swiss turning that are highly optimized to
minimize cycle times, reduce remnant waste, and preserve tool wear while maximizing part quality.


  • Optimize cycle times using the synchronization list

  • Fully integrated 3D and 5-axis milling

  • B axis support (angled tool holders)

  • Supports axis synchronization, superimposition an composite control

  • Program simultaneous operations without fear of collisions

  • Re-chucking, broaching, thread whirling, pinch turning/milling


Accurate G-Code

ESPRIT Swiss delivers production quality G-Code programs for Swiss turning that are highly optimized to minimize cycle times, reduce remnant waste, and to preserve tool wear while maximizing part quality. Starting with a complete definition of the cutting tools and comprehensive / flexible machining cycles, tool path is quickly built from any 2D or 3D geometry, solids or surface model to accommodate any cutting requirements for complex Swiss-style CNC machines.

Virtual Error Checking

Built-in simulation and post processing round out a complete tool kit for programming any part on a Swiss lathe. View your parts as they would be machined on the lathe, all in one window and with one interface!


Reduce Machine Downtime

ESPRIT's virtual programming and full machine simulation/verification mimics the machine tool’s kinematics. This enables you to see exactly how the part will look on an exact machine model and to detect errors on the part, or any collision that could occur. The full machine simulation function allows you to simulate the machining of a part in a virtual reality environment on your computer, away from the shop floor.


  • B-axis support (angled tool holders)

  • 3D milling support on the Swiss lathe

  • Pinch turning for Swiss or standard turning

  • "Re-chucking," "super-imposing" and sub-spindle operation support


Verify Programs with Confidence

ESPRIT’s virtual programming and full machine simulation/ verification allow you to program all milling/turning operations and verify them before putting them on the machine. This identifies problems up front while the machine is still running and making money. View your parts as they would be machined on the lathe, all in one window with one interface!

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What's New

Designed to simplify the additive manufacturing process from 3D CAD model to printed part, the ESPRIT Additive Suite will feature programming, optimization and simulation for direct metal deposition, 3D powder bed, and subtractive manufacturing.



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